Four Seasons Hotel Ritz | Lisbon

A journey not yet taken

 Whether it's through travel, self-discovery, or pursuing new passions.
"A Journey Not Yet Taken" represents a mindset of continuous exploration and growth.

Opening Doors

The Ritz. Goes without saying what it stands for. But we’re not ones to accept things without really testing them out and once we put our eyes on the most iconic running (roof-top) track in cool Lisboa, what else could we do but imagine riding our Cake electric motorcycle? And when the gang at The House of Cool have an idea, well... who can imagine what happened from there? And more than imagine, join us in a “behind the scenes, sneak peak” at how much fun we had at Riddin’ on the Ritz. 

The Journey

Lisboa has so much to offer if you’re in a short-stay mood. Hit the seven hills walking, try some of the local food and wine, or maybe just sit back and relax at the bar or the famous spa. We sort of ignored all of these great ideas. Just because we think that a Land Rover Defender 90 (Porsche’s Black Olive colour), a Cake Electric Bike (just because they’re cool and smooth) and our favorite travel cases by FLOYD are all much better ingredients to enjoy - alongside our killer creative team - a few hours to produce our latest campaign for The House of Cool. We’re sure you’ll agree.

The Unexpected

From the lobby to the big saloon and the lift we used to take the bike up so we could go higher in this adventure, from having the team lined up for a full day of production, to unexpected moments such as going through areas inside the Hotel we never thought we could go with a motorcycle, to appreciate each detail as if we were at home.

The Concept

The truth is, it was really our home during this day. We parked the car, we met the staff - who gently received us as family accepting our challenge to get involved in the production from the very moment we start this wild journey. We also went along the hotel with the Cake bike always having in mind the Cake brand statement of “exploring with respect”. Imagine riding the hotel corridors with a motorcycle. All of this with one thought in mind: ending the day following the sunset with all the team after a nonstop but unforgettable ride.
To celebrate the day what else could be done? Maybe a wheelie along the running track with a Cake electric bike?

So join us as we enter - and exit, and drive up, and wheelie-on, and all of the above and more - the Four Seasons Ritz Hotel Lisboa in an unexpected and once-in-a-lifetime way. 

Turning the already not so ordinary into extraordinary.

At The House of Cool we thrive on the belief that existing ideas can be transformed into remarkable creations.

Our philosophy embraces a fearless approach always trying to push the boundaries.This campaign exemplifies our commitment to this principle, as we fearlessly travel into unexplored paths. Hope you enjoy the ride.

Production: No-Brainer Production Studio
Executive producer: Pedro Morgado
Creative: Miguel Machado
Film direction: Guilherme Correia
Photography and video: Cristóvão Peças
Photography: Louie Thain
Acting: Inês Franco / Miguel Machado